Agencies of the Future

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Ask ten different people how they feel about change and you will get a variety of answers. The question is not if things will change – we are bound to experience it in one way or another – the questions now become:

  • Will it be positive or negative?

  • How do we make it work to our advantage?

  • Where do we go from here?

We are living in the age of technology. Like anything else, this is good in some aspects, but dangerous in others. For the insurance agency, it could spell disaster if we are not aware of what we can do to prove our value.

Being one of the biggest players in our economy, tech companies see health care as a pot of gold they want to tap into, and they’re doing a good job of it. With software like Zenefits, Gusto, and BambooHR (to name a few), people are now able to see plans and sign up for insurance without ever having to come into contact with another person. In a world of Apps, they carry everything insurance-related they may need around with them.

We consider our first question: is this new technology a positive or negative change? Well, it’s both. These options make insurance agencies unnecessary to some – the convenience is attractive to many. However, the technology used is such that insurance agencies can use to our advantage as well, with the added bonus of having a real person to interact with.

How do we use this to our advantage? Don’t be afraid to utilize the world of technology. The social media bandwagon is one not everyone has chosen to get on, whether due to a lack of knowledge or lack of interest. Take advantage of these free services to not only keep clients updated, but to give reminders that you’re still there and you’re still needed! A tweet may not seem like much in the grand scheme, but if it triggers interest and causes someone to reach out, it’s worth more than the five minutes spent writing it.

Where do we go from here? Whether you’re a fan of change or not, there’s more to come. Stay on top of changes and make it a priority to be knowledgeable in them. Learn new skills and become familiar with new technology; the more you know the more valuable you will become to your clients.

So what do agencies of the future look like? As technology advances, it will start sneaking into more and more industries. Agencies need to gear up and expand their resources, knowledge, and adaptability and realize the value of your company is dependent on how you utilize the new technology you’re introduced to.

To bring your agency into the future contact us today to see how we can assist with technology solutions.

Kerstin Kornblum