Adapt to the New Economy with Expert HR Insights

Most of us change jobs at least once during our career. Ideally, these are exciting changes that bring new relationships, opportunities, and the chance to utilize skills we have cultivated at previous companies. I am excited to say after more than a decade at Insperity, I have moved to Benefit Concepts, Inc. (BCI) for a new challenge. 

Working at Insperity was an amazing chapter of my life and now allows me to bring years of experience to BCI as the Director of HR & Agency Operations. I have already connected with my new team and we are thrilled to launch a new service for our valued clients - but let's hold off on that for a moment. 

Have you looked around at the current employment landscape? Things have changed dramatically over the past decade.

A New Workplace 

Call it what you will, "the new economy," "millennials in the workforce," or whatever the latest catchphrase is. The point is we have all seen changes in our own businesses. People jump jobs frequently, a majority of employees are disengaged at work, and younger workers have new requests for employers. Don't believe me? Let's look at the stats: 

  • On average, people will change jobs four times by the time they are 32, whereas, in the past, a college grad would usually stick with one or two companies throughout their career (CNN Money)

  • 70% of employees are disengaged at work with 17.2% "actively disengaged." These are the ones who intentionally don't do what they know they should be doing on the job. They've more or less quit their jobs, but continue to show up and get paid. (Gallup)

  • Then we have young people who want flexible work arrangements, continuous feedback, and an alignment with the values of the company (Forbes)

What happened to the days of going to work, doing the job, and heading home? Times have changed. We could discuss the causes - for example, globalization, constant connection through the internet, 2008 economic bust, and more - yet, I have always found solutions to be more important than placing blame.

What if we started asking how to implement positive change in the workforce?

  • How do we incentivize employees for loyalty?

  • How can we create work environments where people naturally engage in their work?

  • How do we help younger generations and train them to be future leaders?

We can look at our businesses through either a negative or positive lens. Perspectives alter once we view our companies as places where employees enjoy what they do, receive valid feedback, feel secure in asking questions, and show up daily with enthusiasm. 

Creating an Ideal Work Environment

Maybe you have asked the above questions, but did not know the right answers. Small businesses do not always have the capacity for a dedicated HR professional - that is just how the economy works. Small business employees wear multiple hats and don't necessarily have the time or resources to dedicate their full attention to HR matters. 

That is why BCI has created HR Link which provides general guidance through BCI's Human Resources department and offers expertise from certified HR professionals. With labor laws constantly evolving, it can seem daunting to meet required employment obligations and remain compliant. 

Beyond compliance, we can assist with retention programs, coaching and counseling, compensation strategies, performance management, and so much more. 

We know the work environment is constantly changing, and keeping top talent is essential to your business. Our goal is to ensure our clients have access to the best tools available to grow through their most important resource - their people. 

Best of all, HR Link is available at no charge for BCI clients. If you would like to know more about this service, visit If you are not a BCI client but would like to know how you can receive expert HR assistance, connect with us today.

Every company can be a place where employees are loyal, engaged, and feel valued. Let us help you get there with HR Link. 

Emily Dusablon, PHR, SHRM-CP