HR Services

You can save an average of $65,000 in HR employee salaries by leveraging our HR services.

Let us help you get through these complex HR situations. By partnering with us, you will be able to leverage over 30 years of experience in HR processes.

At BCI, price is not a variable because all of our HR Services are included as part of our complete packages of services for businesses at no extra fee. 

Don’t believe us? As a client*, when you have an HR question, just use our HR Link service to access our licenses professional. 


Step-By-Step Coaching

BCI is here to help you maximize employee performance and minimize liability by guiding you through the design and execution of human resources programs.

Most small businesses have limited HR departments. In most cases, there is no dedicated HR specialist and the HR responsibilities fall upon the owner, the CFO, or another employee that might be overwhelmed or untrained in the intricacies of ever-changing employment law . 

We help eliminate that overwhelming feeling when dealing with HR processes by providing step-by-step coaching.  Some of the processes we usually go through with our partners:

  • Leave of absence

  • employee relations

  • wage and hour

  • Total compensation

  • Employee onboarding and termination


Your HR Specialist

Please contact Emily Dusablon for assistance.

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Emily Dusablon 
Director of HR & Agency Operations 
(713) 728-7276 

*must be a current client to use HR Link