What is a Qualifying Life Event? 

Qualifying Life Events include the following examples but may not be limited to these events:    

  • Marriage    

  • Divorce

  • Legal Separation

  • Birth of Child

  • Adoption

  • Loss or gain of coverage

  • Change in you or your spouse’s employment status

  • Change in Dependent status (loss or change of eligibility status)

  • Death of a Dependent spouse or child

  • Court Ordered Judgment Requiring Coverage Provision for Dependent Child (QMCSO)

  • Entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid

  • Change in residence affecting access to coverage

  • Dependent Coverage Reminder 

Everyone experiences life changes periodically Annual Enrollment is a good time to review the status of each of your covered Dependents. Please review the Dependent eligibility requirements carefully. 

Healthcare is a very important benefit that your company values and provides to its employees.  

As healthcare costs continue to rise, everyone must share the responsibility for controlling these costs. One of these responsibilities is to ensure that only eligible employees and their dependents are participating in the benefit plans. 

Ensuring all health plan enrollees meet plan eligibility requirements ultimately helps control costs and premium increases for all. 

Qualified Life Event Requirements 

  • To apply for coverage or change your benefit elections under a qualifying event for you, a Spouse, or Dependent: 

  • Contact and notify your Human Resources Manager of the Qualifying Life Event.

  • Complete, sign, and submit a Change Form or any required forms or information requested.

  • Submit all applications and required documentation to request a change within 31 days of the event.

Under a Qualifying Event, What is My Deadline to Make Application or Apply Changes to Benefits? 

If you have a Qualifying Event, you must request the change and submit all required applications, forms, and documentation no later than 31 days of the qualifying event.  There are no exceptions to the rule. If you request a change after the deadline, your request will not be honored and you cannot change your benefits until your company holds the next annual Open Enrollment.