Evolving businesses routinely experiment or utilize a variety of services and individuals to help run their companies, which amounts to a lot of time and excessive paperwork. BCI Technology Solutions provides a simplified approach to managing your business needs through a platform for consolidating electronic enrollment, benefit administration, and human resource information systems. Having this information readily available provides a reference not only for our clients, but also for their employees. This allows for timely and consistent communication between HR Directors, employees, department managers, and leadership, which in turn makes our clients more efficient and effective in meeting the daily demands of running any business.

• Private Exchange
• Electronic Enrollment
• Human Resources
• Benefits Administration
• Compliance
• Embracing Technology

· 75% of Americans age 43 and under now use smartphones
· Mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did during 1990s­
· 80% of mobile time is spent in apps
· 90% of healthcare providers use smartphones