The employee benefits arena has changed significantly since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. In the past, brokers were able to succeed by marketing rates, handling service issues and shopping the market at renewal. In today’s complex environment many employers’ expectations for broker’s services has increased. Additional services may include compliance support, benefits administration tools, employee benefit guides, wellness coordination, and much more. Our team is growing to join forces in this new market to compete against larger competition but more important; to prepare our customers for every possibility. For this reason over 500 independent agencies have elected to partner with Benefit Concepts. Whether you are a new, established, or retiring agent, Team BCI has the support services to help expand or maintain your business. Agents partner with us for: Client Protection, Administrative or IT Support, Growth Opportunities, and an Exit Strategy. See how we can help build your business no matter the point in time or course of your career.

New Agents:
“Bill” is new to the business and eager to develop his clientele but lacks the expanded resources, information, and support to maximize success. BCI has the solution by filling his knowledge gap and providing access to account managers, marketers, account coordinators, compliance experts, our company executives, and the entire range of BCI Solutions.

Established Agents:
“Kathy” is already successful with a solid reputation and portfolio of clients but is busy meeting the daily details of each client. BCI has the solution by fulfilling the administrative needs, which allows her to meet with current clients and increase her breadth with current prospects and further expand upon new business opportunities.

Retiring Agents:
“Scott” has been an agent for three decades and has a large base of clients that trust his expertise, but he is nearing retirement and needs an exit strategy to ensure his clients receive the greatest of care. BCI has the solution by managing his block of business while still earning revenue each year during his retirement; including additional revenue through new lines of coverage added to his current groups.

Your Access to BCI Exclusive Services:

Community Rated Solutions:

BCI offers the opportunity of exclusive and semi- exclusive products for qualifying groups, using risk based underwriting thus avoiding community rates.

BCI 401(k) Exchange:
BCI provides access to fortune 500 level fees and fiduciary coverage for groups of any size.

Individual Department:
BCI’s independent coverage department is dedicated to meet your client’s needs.


“Benefit Concepts is the first choice for my individual and group medical clients. They simply do what they say they will do, do it well, and I don’t have to worry about a black eye . . . what more can an agent want?”

~ Hill Adams,
Property & Casualty Agent