Benefits Concepts Inc. has been a success for over 30 years because we strive to do right by our clients each and every time. We recognize the demands placed on running a businesses are increasing. Moreover, the insurance industry is changing, which means that the needs of our clients and their employees is expanding.

BCI has a long history of making sure that we are able to provide the best solutions for our clients. This is because our team of skilled service representatives are constantly working to keep our clients up-to-date on how changes in legislation, enrollment processes, and coverage will impact their specific businesses. BCI Solutions is a consolidated package of services that meets the needs of companies both big and small.

Taking such an approach offers various solutions to our clients from compliance to payroll to signing up employee benefits at the click of a mouse.  Many companies do not want to provide these solutions because they are not able to greatly profit from those services. At BCI, our foundation is built on quality of quantity. We want to give our clients, no matter the size of their business, access to programs that will further help them grow and develop. Being able to give our clients that feeling of security by keeping them informed about how best to reach their business goals, allows us to remain ahead of the competition.

We are there when our clients need us, and this is especially evident when many of our clients come to us unsure of what areas of their businesses are being taken care of, like reporting, providing specific types of insurance coverage, maintaining compliance, etc.

As a businessman, not knowing whether my needs are being met through my partnership with agencies is scary. I would hate to find out that a service that I assumed was being offered to me was not. Therefore, at BCI, we recognize the challenges that many business owners face, and we believe that our clients should have access to the tools to help them succeed.

Thirty-two years and counting. There is just no stopping us.

Todd Morrow
Vice President of Agency Management