Strategic Partners

As Agents, gone are the days of when we could succeed by marketing rates, handling service issues and shopping the market at renewal!  Please don’t get me wrong, I have actually never been happier or felt more challenged in my career as I am able to guide my clients through complex service decisions which may include compliance support, benefits administration tools, employee benefit guides, wellness coordination, and too many more requests for me to name!

However, the cold, hard truth is that with change comes responsibility and it is in the best interest of all parties involved that agents not get in over their heads. It is the responsibility of agents, such as Benefit Concepts, to provide thorough, individualized service to loyal and potential clients alike.

For this reason, BCI implements a robust strategic partnership strategy. Our team is growing to join forces in this new market to compete against larger competition but more importantly, to prepare our customers for every unique possibility. Over 500 independent brokers have elected to partner with BCI to assist with agency support, and it is these strategic partners who allow us to continue to provide personalized service to each individual client, even with their ever increasing complexities.

It is important to find strategic partners in all phases of their career in order to ensure a diverse workforce – one that can cater to the various unique needs of clients in different industries.  Whether new, established or retiring, BCI has the services and support to help our strategic partners optimize client business.  Agents partner with us for: client protection, back office support, growth opportunities, and even retirement exit strategies.

New agents come to us to fill knowledge gaps and gain access to account managers, marketers, compliance experts, and the entire range of BCI Solutions. While established agents may be getting too busy to meet the daily details of each client, as a strategic partner of BCI, these agents can now rely on us to fulfill administrative needs.

Strategic Partners are what allow Benefit Concepts to grow and compete in the ever-changing market, seamlessly, and that is why BCI gives back to these relationships. Our executive team assesses daily operational needs, researches options, and negotiates with vendors on behalf of our partners and their clients to maximize results.

As a Strategic Partner of BCI, you will grow with Benefit Concepts and gain industry insight and access to first­in­line programs and services.  The days before the complex changes to the employer benefits industry may be behind us, but with partners we can all still be there for our clients.

Kersitn Kornblum
Vice President of Business Development
Benefit Concepts Inc.