The employee benefits arena has changed significantly since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. In the past, brokers were able to succeed by marketing rates, conducting enrollment meetings, and handling service issues. In today’s complex environment many employers’ expectations about their broker’s services has increased. Additional services may include: compliance support, benefits administration tools, employee benefit guides, and much more. Our team is growing to better compete in this new market through shared resources in order to prepare our clients for every possibility. For this reason, over 500 independent brokers have elected to partner with Benefit Concepts to assist with agency support.

BCI Executives: 
 Our executive team assesses daily operational needs, researches options, negotiates with vendors on behalf of you and your clients to maximize results, and plans for your business success.

Team BCI: 
 We utilize theory­-driven knowledge and apply proven methods and concrete strategies across all business areas that help you put new ideas into action for your organization. As a Strategic Partner, you will grow with Benefit Concepts and gain industry insight and access to first-­in-­line programs and services that brand your company and people as best-in-­class.

Shared Resources: 
 Strategic Partners receive access to exclusive shared resources to stay ahead of the curve, reduce expenses, and maximize revenue. 

“We at Brown & Company Insurance Services value our relationship as a Strategic Partner with Benefit Concepts. The sharing of information and ideas in the ever- changing health insurance market has been beneficial to keeping our agency current on compliance issues and technology, helping us achieve our goal of providing our clients with superior service and products.” ­
 Sharon B. Brown,
 CLU from Brown & Company Insurance Services

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