Strategic Partner Next Steps

The business world is changing dramatically. New laws, technology, and an increasingly integrated world has altered how we do business. In order to compete in this new world it is imperative to work together. The days of the lone-wolf are over, we have moved to a new economy where working together is necessary for shared success. BCI offers a strong model of Strategic Partnership that provides shared resources and relationships that enhance business. Below are some of the opportunities we provide:

  • BCI Executives: Our executive team assesses daily operational needs, researches options, and negotiates with vendors on behalf of your agency to maximize results.
  • Team BCI: We utilize theory-driven knowledge, apply proven methods and concrete strategies across all business areas that helps you put new ideas into action for your organization. As a Strategic Partner you will grow with Benefit Concepts and gain industry insight and access to first-in-line programs and services.
  • Shared Resources: Strategic Partners receive access to exclusive shared resources and products to stay ahead of the curve, reduce expenses, and maximize revenue.

For the above reasons, over 500 independent brokers have elected to partner with Benefit Concepts to assist with agency support.

I know what you are saying, "Kerstin's job is to promote Strategic Partnerships." You are correct, but at the same time, I have worked with large and small companies and have realized that the only way to thrive is to partner with others. There are still extremely competitive businesses that will not share their resources, but those companies are disappearing for more open source sharing. Even Apple and Microsoft have just announced a partnership.

Partnership is key for success. Are you thinking of how to elevate your business, jump into the new business environment, or just grow your business? If the answer is yes, than contact us to learn more about how to become a Strategic Partner. Together we can grow and succeed in today's business world.

Kerstin Kornblum
Vice President of Business Development
Benefit Concepts Inc.