Regardless of industry and company size, Benefit Concepts is eager to understand your employees and your company financial goals. It’s important your workforce remain focused on their performance. Company morale improves when an employer provides a retirement plan that helps employees prepare for their retirement and a financially secured future. BCI offers a private label solution for a 401(k) plan, along with comprehensive options to implement retirement plans. Our excitement expands when Team BCI secures valuable solutions for the future of employees and business owners that many companies would otherwise not have access.

• Private Label
• 401(k) Exchange
• Fiduciary Coverage
• Online Employer Administration
• Direct­Mail Employee Quarterly Statements
• Form 5500 Services

In a recent Federal Reserve Board survey.....
· 31% of U.S. non­retirees reported having no retirement savings or pension
· 24% of U.S. non­retirees said they have given little thought to financial retirement planning
· 25% of U.S. non­retirees said they had done no planning at all