Leadership is a Choice

How many choices are you faced with daily? Likely, too many!

What's the best way to get the kids up and moving to school? How will I beat Houston traffic today? What will I eat for lunch? What should I do when something important happens at work but wasn't scheduled? And plenty more. We all live in a hectic work environment -- it's the way the world operates. 

Still, there is a choice most people don't think about: leadership. I have been in the insurance industry for nearly 30 years and have seen people expect to be promoted to a leadership role. That is much different than choosing leadership. 

The choice of leadership is volunteering for projects, doing difficult work, and helping others even when you don't receive credit. Leadership isn't a right, it is something we choose to go after and, usually, looks a lot like giving to others. People start to look at you as a leader when you help others. 

Over the years, I have tried my best to be a person who can be counted on to provide assistance. 

Stepping Into a New Level of Leadership 

I have worked at some of the largest insurance companies in the world. Almost 3 years ago, I decided on a new path: I came to work for Benefit Concepts, Inc. 

BCI is known throughout Texas and beyond as a leader in employee benefits. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, unparalleled knowledge of the industry, and the continual pursuit of improving ways to help businesses.

BCI has been a refreshing company to work for, and now, I am honored to choose a new level of leadership as President of BCI.

As President, I am following a lineage of impressive leaders. Charles (Chuck) Womack founded BCI in 1983, and after his passing, Mark Kennedy took over as the sole leader of the company. Mark and his amazing team have built BCI to one of the largest privately-owned insurance agencies in the country.

As BCI continues to grow, I was offered the role of President in order for Mark to focus on the big picture of the company, with me running the day-to-day operations. I chose to accept this role and am excited about the future.

Have You Chosen to be a Leader?

We all have choices to make. No matter your industry, your profession, or your age, you can choose to be a leader

Help your teammates, pay attention to details, speak up when you have an idea, and take initiative. Over time, you will be seen as a leader by your peers and those in positions of authority, and before you know it, you will be offered the choice to accept a leadership role. It's a choice you likely won't regret. 

Your Choice for Employee Benefits and More 

My new role is challenging me to give more to my team, BCI's strategic partners, and, of course, our valued clients. We are continuing our legacy of excellent service and building our business to provide the best in employee benefits and more.

If you would like to learn more about how Benefit Concepts can assist your company, contact us today

Kerstin Kornblum, President