Leaderhip Requires a Growth Mindset

You need to grow as a leader to build your business. It's that simple. I have been with Benefit Concepts, Inc. (BCI) for nearly three decades. I was brought on by the founder, Charles (Chuck) Womack. He was a great mentor and taught me lessons I still use to this day. After his passing, I became the CEO and President. 

We value our clients first, which has helped us continually grow throughout the years. Our client centric approach combined with our amazing team has resulted in a deep value for others. It seems the more we give, the more our business increases in equal measure.

This has led to our team expanding, and I could not be happier. Chuck would be amazed at how much has happened over the years. Our growth mindset has led us to fill three new roles. This mindset is something all leaders must possess.  

Newly Appointed President 

I am pleased to announce Kerstin Kornblum as the new President of BCI. This is a position I held for years and am excited to pass on to someone who cares for our clients, the business, and the industry. Kerstin came to the team a little less than two years ago as the Senior Vice-President of Business Development and has improved everything she has touched. 

Now as the President, she will continue to help BCI. She has already started on projects that focus on efficiency, customer experience, and technological advancements. I will remain CEO and now have more time to serve our clients and company. The future is bright as Kerstin works on the day-to-day business while I now have the time to spend serving our clients, BCI, and cultivating new relationships. 

Compliance Officer

Another internal employee taking on a new challenge is Todd Morrow. He is our former Vice-President of Agency Management and has taken on the new role of Compliance Officer to oversee our Compliance Department.

It seems as though legislation and regulations change daily, and we needed a proven leader to become our Compliance Officer. This is a tough task as the leader must stay updated on laws affecting businesses, both large and small. Thankfully, Todd is up for the challenge. He brings years of award-winning experience and has already brought a high level of operational management to the new position. 

Director of HR & Agency Operations 

Benefit Concepts is excited to welcome Emily Dusablon to the BCI Family! Emily joined our team as the Director of HR & Agency Operations. Prior to coming to Benefit Concepts, Emily spent 14 years with Insperity focused on HR service delivery to their clients. She graduated from Baylor University with a major in Human Resource Management and has received both PHR and SHRM-CP designations.

Emily has an exceptional skill set, including in-depth HR knowledge. She brings an optimistic can-do attitude that works well with everyone she encounters. We are thrilled to have her on our team.

Legacy of Success

If you want to be a leader, you have to keep a growth mindset. There is a point when you realize, "I can't do this on my own." That is when you look for an outstanding team. We now have that team, and I would encourage you to be honest: Have you built a strong, reliable team?

We are continuing a legacy of growth and excellence for our valued clients that first started many years ago with Chuck. If you would like to learn more about how Benefit Concepts can assist you, contact us at

Mark Kennedy