Humana Group Eligibility System

Ensure your team understands that Allison Falconer manages administrative requests for the Humana agent web portal (www.humana.com) as a service for BCI Account Managers and Strategic Partners.

Determine your below needs and email your web access requests to humana@mybciteam.com.

  • Enable access for quoting and/or managing eligibility;
  • Disable access for terminated employees;
  • Assign Account Manager access to manage eligibility for new groups or groups that have dropped from the web portal; or
  • If you receive a system error from the Humana website indicating you do not have authorization to access the portal.
Questions concerning specific features and capabilities of the Humana website should be addressed by calling Humana Web Team directly at 877-845-3480.

The email address humana@mybciteam.com has been established for website requests only.  Service requests should still be directed to Concierge or through the appropriate Humana contacts.