Strategically integrate HR processes, programs, and practices into your daily operations. Our primary function is to maximize workforce performance by introducing or applying standards and operations with proven products or services. To accomplish this, our consulting services may include a needs assessment or audit to prepare appropriate recommendations or proposals, facilitate the creation and implementation of an action plan, and coordinate cross­functional HR teams to assist clients with the creation and execution of performance improvement corrective plans, programs or processes.

 Workplace Culture Design
 Policy Interpretation
 Performance Management
 Employee Training
 Growth Development
 Group Conflict Strategies
 Strategic Planning
 Hr Link

HR Link 

Need dedicated service? HR Link provides general guidance through our Human Resources department and offers expertise from certified HR professionals. With labor laws constantly evolving, it can seem daunting to meet required employment obligations and remain compliant. 

BCI’s HR Link is here to help you when you need it. Learn more at here.

 · 39% of workers don’t feel appreciated at work
 · 40% of employees disengage when they receive little to no feedback
 · 65% of workers want more feedback
 · 69% of workers are willing to work harder if effort is recognized

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