Guardian Agency Code

Guardian recently changed how the agency / enterprise is appointed so that all of BCI and SP's are under one agency ID.  This is helpful as our individual producers and SP's don't each have to get appointed.  This was done so that Guardian can more effectively manage our block of business to track our production and persistency.

The new agency code is 9H852 which should be used for new business submissions, renewal requests, etc.  This new code will automatically be recognized by Guardian anytime meaning you will not need to have this code added to your online profile(s).  When retrieving your Direct Deposit Commission Statement, you will continue to receive statements for Producer ID code of BH859, which will display commissions for all your old and new codes.

If you have any questions about this change please contact Nancy Byerlee with Guardian's compensation department.

Nancy Byerlee | Business Analyst II | Group Sales Compensation | Tel 610-807-6276 | Nancy_A_Byerlee@glic.com