Graduated in May? How do I sign up for Insurance?

Congratulations! You have made it through some of the most challenging years of your life, and if that wasn't exciting enough, you now have to face the realities of adulthood, including figuring out how to sign up for insurance.

For many recent graduates, this is a daunting task, filled with uncertainty. I know when I graduated, insurance was the furthest thing from my mind, and even now, navigating insurance policies can be difficult for anyone not intimately acquainted with the field. However, having insurance is vital, especially given current federal regulations. Therefore, it is important to find a program that is best suited to fit your individual coverage and financial needs. To do so, I recommend partnering with a benefits professional.

At BCI, we help our clients deal with these challenging demands by giving them access to Individual Specialists and a host of online tools to help find the best benefit plans. If you’re uncertain about which programs are right for you, you have access to our skilled team that will guide you to finding options that meet your needs for protection and price.

Selecting an insurance plan is intimidating if you have to do it for the first time, especially if you are going through this journey alone. That is the beauty of allowing BCI to help you through this difficult process. Our experts provide multiple quotes and will assist you in sifting through these offers. This really simplifies the process of signing up and purchasing an insurance plan.

Finding out what is available for you is as easy as filling out a short form and waiting to be contacted by one of our experienced team members. Getting your own insurance plan may seem impossible, but BCI can make the entire process manageable for the recent graduate looking to find solutions to the problems of adulthood.

Kerstin Kornblum

Vice President of Business Development