Ensuring You’re Compliant

Each year employee benefit regulations get more and more complicated. The Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” and other legislation has made the employee benefit arena difficult to navigate. With all of these new changes, BCI has gained expertise in compliance.

What many clients fail to realize is when employers partner with BCI, they receive access to compliance alerts, as well as consulting services, to ensure their business is running legally and effectively. In order to assist our clients, we have developed BCI Compliance Solutions to help clients work through the regulatory process. We view this as a necessary service in a business world where everyone is being asked to do more.

BCI strives to be as valuable to our clients as we possibly can. No longer can a business just do one thing; now more than ever, companies must offer and be knowledgeable in many different services and offerings.

This new way of doing business is an exciting venture as we continue to learn more about compliance, all the while ensuring that our clients are covered. By becoming a part of Team BCI, you have access to:

  • Global Legal Counsel
  • Risk Management
  • Avoiding Penalties
  • Online Dashboard to Manage Compliance

Contact us today to better understand compliance and to learn how to better cover your company!

Todd Morrow