ACA crunch time is upon us, DIY1095 will soon be altering their Tuesday/Thursday Webinars.  Up to this point, the webinars have been more sales-oriented by helping clients understand the value of the DIY1095 solution.  However, DIY1095 is going to re-engineer these sessions to make them more operationally-oriented and focused on how to effectively and efficiently use the DIY1095 software.  These new webinars/workshops will focus on:

  • How to use the upload template, avoiding common pitfalls
  • Loading it to the site, Conducting quality checks
  • Making corrections
  • Password resets (we now have a "forgot password" link on our homepage!)
  • E-filing, Printing, mailing, etc
  •  Generating a baseline template for next year's filing
  • Answering client questions pertaining to all of the above.  
  • Please note:  We will continue to answer client questions related to the DIY1095 technology and will direct compliance related questions back to the brokers/producers/general counsel, etc.

To that end, the "Sign Up for Live Demo" button from the DIY1095 homepage will be removed as the last sales-oriented webinar was held on Tue, 12/22.  If you have any prospective clients who wish to view a demo of the tool, please have them view the recorded version (you can retrieve the link from our broker toolkit or by accessing the recorded demo directly).  Please share this with other producers in your office who may be directing clients to sign up for a sales-oriented webinar.

These new Operational/Workshop Webinars will be held on Tuesday and Thursdays at 11ET through the end of January.  Current DIY1095 clients (those that are already registered to use DIY1095) will be made aware of this enhanced service offering by sending them a direct email, letting them know of the shift and providing a link to sign up for these workshops.

We encourage you to talk to your clients and to help them get in front of the ACA reporting requirements.  By investing time up front, we can help our clients avoid the "hair on fire" situation in late January.