The employee benefits arena has changed significantly since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. In the past, agents and business owners were able to succeed by measuring the financial outlay and reducing plan costs. In today’s complex environment, current and pending regulation has increased agent and employer responsibility. BCI Solutions may include compliance support, benefits administration tools, employee benefit guides, wellness coordination, and much more. For this reason, over 500 independent agent offices have elected to broker partner with Benefit Concepts to ensure the health and business needs of their clients is exceeded with next- level support from Team BCI.

• Marketing & Proposals
• Account Management 
• Eligibility 
• Employee & Employer Benefit Guides 
• Paycheck Summary 
• Wellness Coordinator 
• Large Group Underwriting Analysis 
• Benefits Administration Solution 
• Accounting
• Commission Reconciliation

· 500 independent agent offices have elected to broker partner with Benefit Concepts.
· We represent more than 50 top ­rated global insurance carriers.

Business­ to­ Business Solutions:
Our decades of experience has resulted in numerous partnerships that can elevate your Business to Business offerings. With our solutions, you have access to preferred loans, access to Point of Sale Systems, and other valuable services that will allow your company to thrive. Our expert business team will assess your needs, research an appropriate solution, and negotiate the best option for your company to maximize profits while reducing costs.

Executive Consulting
Shared Resources
Preferred Loans
Point of Sales Systems
Vendor Relations (negotiation, discounted fees, and agreements)

1. Assess: we work collaboratively to determine your business needs
2. Research: our expert team will identify and recommend custom solutions
3. Negotiate: through our national partnerships we leverage the best cost structure